Only A Game


you were only using me 
there were no feelings involved 
you didnt want to be alone 
this is how your problems are solved 
i made you feel good inside 
you wanted to see how good you could feel 
it was all about just 
there was no heart to steal 
i have the face of an angel 
but you are a bad little boy 
i free myself from the world 
id be the perfect toy 
you didnt want commitment 
you didnt want to be sad 
you just wanted to have some fun 
and i gave you all that 
you have to admit 
you was only using me 
but tell me 
why playing with an innoncent heart? 
you could always say 
you were only using me.... 
after all, who wants to 
show off a broken heart?				
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  • tiki

    22 มีนาคม 2547 19:50 น. - comment id 235103

    Already come and read it nakah yay
    but  d o not have any feeling to answer
    just read  OK ?
  • 57467

    22 มีนาคม 2547 23:59 น. - comment id 235269

    hanks for come to read ja ptiki