I look into the mirror, 
But I see to my surprise 
A whole different person 
Looking deep into my eyes 
The care free little girl I saw 
When I was four or five 
Has hnow become a young woman 
Fighting to survive 
Its really sort of scary 
That time has gone so fast 
For what I then called the present 
Has now become the past 
I look into the mirror 
And looking back at me 
Is the face of a young lady 
Where a Little girl used to be... 				
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  • tiki

    3 เมษายน 2547 03:16 น. - comment id 240628

    It is as hard as the road .
    When we walk down  to  town.
    You*ve come  too  far,babe.
    to the point  we  started  to be found.
  • ผู้หญิงคนนึง

    3 เมษายน 2547 03:16 น. - comment id 240629

    your poem is so lovely
    I read and wait to see again
    cos I like to read the book
    and took some idea in brain   :-)
  • อาภาภัส

    3 เมษายน 2547 07:00 น. - comment id 240650

    ..Once upon a time,in  a  dreamy land.
    I walked with a little girl hand in hand.
    Sang a song What will I  be?
    Oh! its happy and free..   and you are here.
    (Think of you  all  my life when I slept at night)