It started out as friendship; 
But I wanted so much more; 
And now that were together 
Life seems better than before 
The times we had as friends, 
Are faded memories 
The future starts a new 
Romance destiny agrees 
Ill still be here to care for you 
And help you when youre down; 
You can come to me for anything 
Ill always be around 
But now I can embrace you, 
And kiss you tenderly, 
And hear your whisper words of love 
I never thought could be  
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  • tiki

    7 เมษายน 2547 04:57 น. - comment id 242635

    How swee
  • _+~+_HiToShI KA HaRu_+~+_

    7 เมษายน 2547 10:15 น. - comment id 242683

    i love this poem
  • ผู้หญิงคนนึง

    7 เมษายน 2547 11:50 น. - comment id 242709

    oh my god!!!!!!!!
    everbody can do it, ja ;-)
    a sweet smile and cry can show on
    flowers horn is not the big problem.